This 3-day training is for external or internal consultants, change agents and human resource managers to learn how to use culture assessments for any group of any size whether an organization, team, NFP, community, school, etc. Participants are involved in lectures, hands-on exercises, discussion, and group activities. More information


This 2-day training is for coaches, consultants, and human resource managers who work in the field of leadership development, talent management, and individual coaching. These assessments are designed to coach and work with others at a transformational level. The range of assessments addresses leaders from the C-Suite to up-and-coming new managers. Participants are involved in lectures, hands-on exercises, discussion, and group activities

The Barret model


The Barrett Model is developed by Richard Barrett. Inspired by Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and tested over more than two decades of real-world experience with thousands of organizations, the model identifies the seven areas that comprise human motivations. These range from basic survival at one end, to service and concern for future generations at the other.

Cultural change

The model provides a proven and extraordinarily useful map for understanding the values of  employees, leaders, and stakeholders. The Barrett Model offers a means for creating more supportive and productive relationships between them, and a deeper alignment of purpose across an organization.

When to use it?

We find that the Barrett Model provides a framework for increasing awareness and also for developing individual leaders, teams and organisations. We use the model, and its corresponding assessments as a way of getting to what matters fast; to understand what drives individuals, teams and organisations and to have the important conversations. We also use the model as a tool for development and to help the organisation move to their next level of awareness and efficiency. The model can be uses on all levels on an organisations, and also as a tool for understanding how the different units and departments fit in to the system as a whole. 

Satisfied Participants

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