In this section we plan to share the tings that inspire us, what we have just read og picked up otherwise. This page will constantly be in the making and will change as new sources of inspiration appear.  Some of this will be what is on our minds right now, some things we pick up from an article or a pod cast, bur mostly we would like to share the books and authors that  have made a difference for us in how we think and what we do. 

Brene Browns quote to the right serves as a guideline for how we try to show up in what we do.  

On our bookshelf

Books that inspire

One of the things we really enjoy in a good conversation is when someone has read something that made a difference for them and share it. We try to do that in this section. The books that are shared here have made an impression on us and had an influence on how  we think and work. The list is growing as we go along …

Has made med think differently about leadership, leadership not as a set of skills and tools, but about knowing who you are, showing up as that person and making room for others to do the same.  Daring leaders work to make sure people can be themselves and feel a sense of belonging. BB.

Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations made “all the pieces fall into place” for me. Having worked with culture and organizational change for years, I have struggled to connect the culture and consciousness part of an organisation to the organizational design. Laloux’s systemic perspective on the connection between levels of consciousness and organisation structure takes organisational deveopment to a whole new level.

I first read this book several years ago when doing my Barretts certifications and training in Haague. It made a great impression on me then – how to measure and understand values in an organisation context,  why values are so important to us as work, why we need to connect with people that have similar values as wee do, and how common values can power an organisation and enhance performance. I have kept coming back to this book over thet years, and I always seem to discover a new level of insighta and increased depths in the book.

I have just read Bob Andersons Mastering leadership as part of becoming a certified consultant in the Leadership Circle profile. The book takes you into the universe of the leaderships circle helped me see how leadership development connects to adult development of consciousness and how we as leaders have to work with borht our reactive and creatives sides to become the leaders can can be. 

On our mind

Stuff on our mind we would like to share

We do many amazing things with a lot of fantastic people and these experiences inspire thoughts and ideas. We are working on developing this section as a place to post news about what we do, ideas that just occurred to us. This section will be about giving ourselves – and you as our clients, partners and network – permission to share thoughts that are not polished and change your mind as you are inspired by others. 

This section is still under construction

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