Our story

We belive that people who feel safe, seen and appreciated will thrive and thus make a greater contribution wherever they are. We belive that today’s challenges require a new form of  conscious leadership that encourages connection and joint effort.  Our contribution is to support leaders, teams and organisations in their transformation by building greater awareness and capacity to solve these challenges. 

In 2017 we decided to follow our dream and start ViiB. ViiB was to be our laboratory for exploring all that we believed to be true –  a safe place to learn and grow. Our first step was to bring the Barretts training to Norway. This has given us a the possibility of meeting and training an amazing group of people that are working with values and cultural transformation in a variety of organisations in Scandinavia. We have worked with cultural change and development in public and private companies, many of which have been willing to share their testimonials here on our site. All of these projects have given us insight into the complex interactions between culture and structure, individuals and groups, the rational and the emotional. Understanding the dynamics of people, teams and cultures is a neverending journey, and working in this field has proven to be incredibly rewarding. 

Our work has also required personal growth and learning. Since we started in 2017, we have trained to become team- and individual coaches (CTI and ORSC), we have deepened our knowledge in the Barretts universe and have added tools like the Leadership Circle Profile to our toolbox. 

The training has given us a whole new perspective on working with culture in the workplace through working with relationships, teams and systems. And we have gained access to a network of amazing international expertise and even better; purpose led and values driven people.  And this is just the beginning …

What our customers say

Our Purpose

create SPACE

…for reflection and conversations worth having. We need time and space to think, reflect and feel in order to make the right decisions. That’s why we always create space for being, thinking and feeling in our work.

energize relations

Energized people bring energy to their relationships, teams and organisations. We believe that there is a need to  make time for relationships and be conscious of dynamics and emotions in order  grow yourself and those around you.


People need to feel safe to bring their whole self to work. Feeling safe makes us take a risk, be open an vulnerable and share. It is from this shared and open space that creativity is born.


We use a coaching, exploring approach in our work with leaders, teams and organisations. We belive that every individual and group is naturally creative and intelligent. We support by helping the leader or team find and unfold their potential.

Our work is based on solid research and proven methods, but when you work with us you will not be lectured, you will learn through experiencing. We believe that testing, training and exercise is what give you learning that sticks. We introduce theoretical frameworks when it is useful for deepening the learning process.

our services


Build and develop a healthy culture aligned with strategy and goals. More information 


Find the hidden potentials in, and across, teams. More information


Get the tools and methods and do it yourself. More information

our philosophy

Safe space

As human beings we need to feel safe in order to learn, develop, create and perform. The first step for us is always to create a safe space and hold this space throughout any process. In this space different opinions and perspectives are welcome, also marginalized and "unpopular" ones.


The most important part of a learning something new is usually to understand where you stand now. Slowing down enough to gain insight is often difficult because there is so much pressure to produce, perform and bring results. We make sure there is time to think, understand and align before we start acting.

Experience-based learning

Increased awareness about self and those you work close with is the key to unlocking the potential in the workplace. We use methods that increase awareness and make individuals and teams understand, feel, connect and move forward.

Cape Town, South Africa